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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mungiki & Vigilantes

The current happenings in Nyeri East and Kirinyaga West districts are shocking and very disturbing. Such watton killing of Kenyan citizens should not be taking place in today's Kenya. It appears as though Kenya has been thrown in the middle of the Gaza Strip or Iraq or in even Afganistan.

TO be precise, what we have is a total breakdown of law and order, this is despite the fact that we have a "duly" elected government in place with a professor of mathematics and longest vice president as the Minister in charge of Internal Security.

The killings have to be condemned in the most severe terms possible. How can vigilantes kill 15 people (innocent or not) with no action been taken against the vigilantes by the authorities?

When we have ordinary citizens take the law in their own hands, it is a precipe for disaster and this is exactly what happened.
The banned and dreaded Mungiki decided to revenge the killings of many of their own. It was rather obvious that this circle of revenge is going to go on until the government decides to stamp it authority in the region by halting all forms of violence.

Kenyans let us pray that this violence subsides immediately and that it does not spread to other areas, because no community is totally isolated from the other.

The people of Kenya should demand a total overhaul of the police and all security apparatus in the Kenya. The security machinery has totally failed and the 29 killings by the mungiki is a testament of the failure of those in-charge of security in the country.

The Sub-Chief, Chief, DCIO, OCPD, DPO, PPO, NSIS and PC should all resign. I dont understand how this people can still be holding their positions when 44 citizens have been killed right under their noses. The Chief must have and was fully aware about all the illegals actions of the mungiki and of the vigilantes.

It is too late to give life back to those that were murdered, but let us pray that the government officials do what they have to do to totally eliminate the Mungiki and also the vigilantes that take the law in their hands. This is the only time that the violence will subside.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Imiano Kipla? - Doris Jepchumba

After listening to this very beautiful song called "Kipla", please proceed and buy the rest of the Album. Our musicians need to get paid for their hardwork and the entertainment that they give us. Copy and paste the below link to buy the Kipla Album or some songs in that album.

Imiano Kipla imiano babie
Imiano Kipla imiano babie
Mwawo ole imi siachengin Kipla
Mwawo ole imi siachengin Kipla
Oh babieeee-yii

Agot nga ketunis Kipla mapisten babie
Agot nga ketunis Kipla mapisten babie
Achengin Kiplagat agoi tun amei wee!
Achengin Kiplaaa agoi tun amei wee!
Mwawo ole kiwe, si kosup mwaaet
Mwawo ole kiweee, si kosup mwaaeeeet Kiplaaaaaaaaaaaa

Imiano Kipla imiano babie
Imiano Kipla imiano babie
Mwawo ole imi siachengin Kipla
Mwawo ole imi siachengin Kipla
Oh babieeee-yii

Kilen iachaman Kipla, kiwaano chamnyet
Kilen iachaman Kipla, kiwaano chamnyet
Kumaiimuta sinema, kumaiimuta disco
Kumaiimuta sinema, kumaiimuta disco
Achamin Kiplagat, Achamin babie
Achamin Kiplagat, Achamin Kiplaaa
Oh babieeee-yii

Imiano Kipla imiano babie
Imiano Kipla imiano babie
Mwawa ole imi siachengin Kipla
Mwawa ole imi siachengin Kipla
Oh babieeee-yii

Kiawa London, agochingin Kipla
Awe Amerika, kumaimi Kipla
Aweago Europe, aweago Asia
Awegei Afrika kumaimi Kipla
Awe Rift Valley imiano Kipla
Mwawa ole imi siachingin Kipla
Mwawa ole imi siachingin Kipla
Oh babieeee-yii

Imiano Kipla imiano babie
Imiano Kipla imiano babie
Mwawa ole imi siachengin Kipla
Mwawo ole imi siachengin Kipla
Oh babieee-yii

Chamanenyun Kipla, achengin ano Kipla
Kiachengin, kiawa ago Rift Valley Kipla
Awa agoi village, awa achengin engaa
Maimi Kipla
Kiabiruun simet, kele imutato Kipla
Araimiano babiee
Kiawegaa, amwa mama kole kianyorchgei sandet Kipla
Araayewegaa awaalene mama Kipla?
Awaalene? Wegenso Kipla

Omiano biik ap Kalenjin
Obaso agochengwa Kipla
Obaimwa kolo achameiiman
Atinye chamnyet nipaiman
Chamanenyun Kiplaaaaaaaaaaa

Nyoichuchuna Kipla
Chuchuna chuchuna Kipla
Nyoichuchuna Kipla
Njoo unipe busa Kipla
Nyoichuchuna Kipla
Come kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me
Nyoichuchuna Kipla
Roho yangu ma-baibe
Nyoichuchuna Kipla
Nieleze ulipo roho yangu
Nyoichuchuna Kipla
Mpenzi wangu Kipla
Nyoichuchuna Kipla
Achamin baibeee

@ Doris Jepchumba 2008
Haiya eMagazine
Article by Eudiah Kamonjo, 09/08/2008

When I first saw Chumba on stage this past Friday, I was reminded of Brenda Fassies's fearlessness and energy on stage.Chumba, whose real name is Doris Jepchumba Tanui was launching her very first solo album titled Kipla (short for Kiplagat; a guys name) at the Alliance Franciase.

Chumba is a real soldier by day with the Kenya Army, based at Langata Barracks, Nairobi and is a lead singer/vocalist with Maroon Commandos Band during her free time. She was involved in the bands' latest peace album Kenya Unite.

She has also partcipated and won a hefty cash prize in the October 2006 talent show organised by Nairobi Ibiza club. Her latest challenge was the third edition of the Spotlight on Kenya Music organised by Alliance Frainciase in November where she was a finalist.

The album launch event, which was supposed to begin at 7pm, began two hours later after a lengthy sound check and the organisers wait for quorum. I would attribute the low-turn out to the fact that many African music lovers do not know about her music yet.

Looking too good for a soldier and dressed in a red and black outfit, Chumba was still able to keep her spirits high enough to entertain the crowd and get them on their feet.

I barely understood the Kalenjin songs but I loved her music, her strong soulful voice, self-expression , instrumentals and the various forms of dancing including chakacha and twist complemented the performance. Her back up singers were well-dressed in long-flowing African attire.

Everyone in the crowd seemed to know Kipla; a song in Kalenjin language about her love for Kipla, with people in the crowd whispering that these were indeed real life lyrics about her love.

I later learnt that it was Kipla which made it to the Spotlight on Kenya Music CD compilation.

The guest artist for the evening, song bird Nyota Ndogo did not disappoint and did three of her most popular songs before she hurriedly left the centre. .

The album 'Kipla' by Chumba is being distributed by David Makali's afro-fusion distribution outfit Sound Africa Ltd whose outlets are within the city centre

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where is and Who Owns Migingo Island?

The Migingo Island tug-of-war between Kenya and Uganda should not be a big issue if we are to follow the British text describing the boundaries between Kenya and Uganda. The 1926 Vertim are shown in the below document.

Where exactly is Migingo Island?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

NCCK and Moribundity

The National Council of Christian of Kenya (NCCK) labelled the President of Kenya - Mwai Kibaki - as being "moribund". In a statement read by the NCCK Secretary General, Cannon Peter Karanja at the Jumuia Conference and Country,Limuru, the Secretary General not only said that Kenyans viewed the President as being "moribund", but also Kenyans had an "ineffective" Prime Minister.

The NCCK was founded in 1918 and is the umbrella organization of the 27 Protestant denominations in Kenya. Protestants are between 56%-63% of the 38 million Kenyans.

When the leaders of the largest religious organization in Kenya refer to the president as Moribund and the prime minister as being in-effective what are the laymen and women supposed to do? Treat the moribund president?

Is it not this same religious leaders that failed to guide the flock before the 2007 elections. Aren't this the same religious leaders that mis-guided their followers by supporting those from their communities.

The conclusion that Kenyans can arrive at is that both our political and religious leaders have failed Kenyans. We need a paradigm shift and replace all those leaders - political and religious - that have failed.

New leaders where are you at? There is a lot of work that needs to be done urgently.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Corruption, Impunity and Kenya

Sadly Corruption, Impunity and Kenya are now synonymous. You can not mention one without the other popping in a conversation. Right from the dusty villages to the pot-holed roads of Nairobi, both corruption and impunity are alive. If corruption and impunity were worth resources, Kenya would be doing very well. Unfortunately that is not the case, and we have to pay the price.

The manner our political leaders are fighting corruption and impunity leaves a lot to be desired. There is absolutely no political will to finish off official corruption and impunity in our midst. To make matters worse, it is not only the "big fish", and "small fish" that continue to perpetuate this vices, but all kinds of "fishes" that keep corruption and impunity alive and kicking by going on and on and on. This has to stop. Somehow it has to cease.

For some strange reasons President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga are afraid, unable or simply unwilling to tackle this issue head-on. It has taken President Obama's Ambassador to act vide Presidential Proclamation 7750. With that authority, the U.S. Ambassador, Michael Ranneberger has decided to ban a senior government official [read cabinet minister], his/her family and relatives from travelling to the U.S. because that senior government official "engaged in and or benefited from official corruption".

The alleged culprit was saved from being named and shamed by the Ambassador due to the stringent U.S. Privacy laws. We are therefore left to speculate on who that senior government official/cabinet minister could be.

To the right of of this blog is a poll. Listed are names of government officials that may or may not have being banned from the U.S. Make your choice on who you think is most likely to have recently being banned for having "engaged in and or benefited from official corruption" and involved in acts of impunity.


We can get raid of all forms of corruption and impunity. Let it start with you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rugby World Cup Sevens: Congratulations Kenyan Team

If you have not jumped onto the Rugby Sevens bandwagon, you better do so before the wagon gets full.

The Kenyan Rugby Sevens reached the semi-finals in the Sevens Rugby World Cup held in Dubai from March 5th - 7th 2009. Although, Kenya did not win the World Cup, Kenya had never gotten that far in the World Cup. This is the biggest achievements for any Rugby Squad ever since 1963.

Let us congratulate them. They deserve all the accolades that we can accord them. This is a monstrous achievement, considering that the team is composed of amateur players.

The team was coached by former player Benjamin Ayimba and assisted by Felix Ochieng. The team members who put Kenya on the map in the Dubai 2009 Sevens Rugby World Cup were;

1. Humphrey Kayange (Captain)
2. Allan Onyango
3. Victor Oduor
4. Benedict Nyambu
5. Wilson Opondo
6. Lavin Asego
7. Biko Adema
8. Innocent Simiyu (Vice Captain)
9. Collins Injera
10. Sidney Ashioya
11. Gibson Weru Kahuthia
12. Horace Otieno

The officials that accompanied and assisted the team in performing as good as they did were former player and current team manager Oscar Osir , Felix Ochieng (assistant coach), George Odhiambo (physiotherapist), Wanjiku Wairia (nutritionist), Geoffrey Kimani (sprint coach) and Kenya Rugby Football Union (KRFU) chairman, Richard Omwela.

Two youngsters to watch in upcoming IRB Series and in the future are the ever electric Collins Injera and 21 year old Steve Biko Adema. As good as they are now, we are still to see the best of them.

If you have not noticed yet, Kenya is in possession of an advantage over all the other teams - can you guess?


Fans - Kenyans and otherwise - are always cheering the Virgin Boys. There is something magical about the Kenyan team. Most non-Kenyan fans somehow find themselves cheering and wanting the Kenyan team to win irrespective of the opponents even if it is the host nation.

By virtue of Kenya reaching the semi-finals of the Sevens Rugby world Cup in Dubai, Kenya automatically qualifies for the next world Cup to be held in New Zealand 2011. This is one world cup, that for any nation to win, they have to be good enough to beat the host nation. Will Kenya be ready? Sure hope they do especially in the next World Cup. So "ALL BLACKS", BEWARE ! Kenyans have you on the crosshairs.

In the meantime enjoy the remaining IRB Sevens World Series of the season to held in Hong Kong(27-29 March 2009) , Australia(3-5 April 2009), England(23-24 May 2009) and season finale Scotland(30-31 May 2009).

Good luck to Benja and squad. We will be with you in spirit, in the stands, on TV and online. And you sure have made all Kenyans proud.

Finally and this is a note to the private and public sponsors. When rewarding the team for the achievements do not forget to mention and budget for the technical team too. As I understand the Coach and twelve players contributed Kshs 58,823.53 each from their Kshs 250,000/= cash award to the technical staff who got nothing from the sponsors, so that each one of the 17 team members got Kshs 191,176.46 from Safaricom. What a generous gesture and others should follow suit.

You guys are something else. We admire and adore you.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kamau Kingara & GPO Oulu Assassinated

It is extremely saddening to learn of the broad daylight assassination of Oscar Kamau Kingara,37 and "GPO" John Paul Oulu,34 that occurred on Thursday, 5th March 2007 at around 6:30pm. Kingara died at the scene and GPO succumbed to his injuries shortly thereafter.

Kamau Kingara a trained lawyer was the founder of Oscar Foundation
and GPO Oulu was a Programme Officer for Oscar Foundation. Oscar Foundation is a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that advocates, documents and provides legal representation on a pro-bono basis to poor victims and/or the families of victims of violence.

The two Human Rights' activists were assassinated close to the University of Nairobi (UoN), along State House Road and Mamlaka Road. According to UoN students that witnessed the double assassination, the activists' car was "boxed-in" by two vehicles - a mini-bus and Pajero. Two smartly dressed then alighted from the "boxing" vehicles and walked briskly to the white Mercedes Benz of Kamau Kingara and driven by GPO Oulu. The assassins proceeded to pumped several rounds into the head of the activists.

The assassinations took place barely hours after the Government Spokesman, Dr. Alfred Mutua had linked the proscribed sect "Mungiki" to Oscar Foundation. The Spokesman verbatim were;

"Mungiki has an NGO by the name of Oscar Foundation which they use to try and get funds from overseas, different countries and also different organizations. It is a front, so that they can be able to carry out their activities that they have being carrying out"

The Spokesman then proceeded to issue an very chilling warning to Oscar Foundation and other organizations when answering a question on whether the Government was going to ban Oscar Foundation for being an arm of Mungiki. Again the actual verbatim;

"About the Oscar Foundation, as you said organizations are formed all the time, the government will take its actions when it gets enough information on what actions that needs to be taken, and so I am not going here to tell you exactly the action needs to be taken, but count on it action will be taken, against any organization that is abetting and supporting illegal activities.

If indeed Oscar Foundation was a front for Mungiki, Oscar Foundation ought have its assets seized, bank accounts frozen, de-registered, declared illegal and banned like Mungiki and other proscribed groups that have terrorised Kenyans and supported the terrorizations of Kenyans. ALL groups/people that perform any illegal activities should never be allowed to exist or operate at all. All LEGAL means should be used to contain such groups and people

All Kenyans's safety are at stake, when illegal means such as EKJ are employed to handle suspects when one is named as suspect by the government. On the same note Kenyans' safety is at stake, when one can be executed by outlawed sects such as Mungiki. The authorities must therefore employ legal means and tactics to handle such illegal acts other than resort to illegal means.

With the current happenings, we are already where "Kenya" and "Law" cannot be used in the same sentence.

All Kenyans need to step up and abide by the laws of the land. Infact the government needs to be at the forefront abiding to the laws of the land. When the government breaks the law to contain to enforce the law, we are headed for doom as a nation.

All those that were victims of mungiki and other such illegal groups, our thoughts are with you and your families. Those that were felled by the state illegally, our thoughts are with you and your families too.

Kingara and GPO the truth shall be known. Not today, not tommorrow, but the truth shall be known - one day.

R.I.P Kamau Kingara and GPO Oulu
ab abusu ad usum non valet consequentia