Monday, May 28, 2007

African Names vs. European Names

I have a dream. A dream when we – Africans – will address each other the same way our forefathers addressed each other - that is by the African name. To fulfill this dream, I have started the "Drop-Your-Pseudo-Name-Movement." I call upon you as my African or Kenyan brethrens
to practically and fully support this movement.

It is a common known fact that we Africans have been brainwashed into adapting many western and foreign ideas, many a times without question. Some of these adaptations have been for the better, while others for the worse. The common thread has been the African has not been able to choose or select from what is been offered. There as some foreign aspects that we gladly accept and appreciate the introduction to Africa and to her inhabitants. Some obvious examples are science & technology, medicine, architecture,
some religion etc. The list is long and we say thank you to the outsiders, but there are other ideas, practices and objects that have been detrimental to the Africa and the Africans, such as political boundaries, alien names, strange religions, diseases, flora, fauna, greed and by extension capitalism to name just but a few.

The aspect of adapting foreign or alien names is act that Africans have adopted and glorified even more than the "owner" of those names. Africans should get back to their senses and once and for all agree to totally discard those pseudo, alien, colonial, foreign, strange, weird, out of the ordinary, fake and bogus names that we proudly, unashamedly, parade, introduce and sign as our true and legal names - yet down deep in our black African soul we know that those foreign names are not our names. Africans adapting an alien name by is the grandest betrayal by its own African child.

The precedent of ditching pseudo names was set by Pan-Africanists' Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Taaita Towwett to name but a few of the wise men. As we all know Kenyatta's pseudo name was [Johnstone], which he discarded pronto – na hatukufwata nyayo zake! In the most recent times we have people like Mwai Kibaki, who passively associates himself with the pseudo name [Emilio], Masinde Muliro is rarely linked to any pseudo name. In Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni proudly represents the African culture, likewise in Tanzania, the president is known by only African names – Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. These are people we ought to be very proud of.

Locally and especially overseas trained academicians have nothing to do with those repulsive and unappealing pseudo names, for example, Wangari Maathai, Ngugi wa Thiongo astutely abandoned [John], Kivutha Kibwana, Chacha Nyaigoti Chaha, Kipkoeech arap Sambu, Cherono Rotich and many more others do not want to be connected with those pseudo/colonial identifiers.

Some politicians saw the light along time ago, and took that noble road of abandoning or getting rid of the pseudo/colonial identities and use only African names e.g. Musalia Mudavadi, Njoki Ndung'u, Musikari Kombo, Kipruto arap Kirwa, Mutahi Kagwe, Koigi wa Wamwere, Raila Amolo Odinga and Adhu Awiti. Ironically and perplexingly, these politicians are not vocal enough on why they took the right road when it comes to the names. These are the people that should be at the forefront of such a campaign.

There are people too that their names would be music to our ears if they did away with those pseudo names viz. Toroitich arap Moi and Kinuthia(?) ole Saitoti. As you may already know their pseudo names are [Daniel] and [George] respectively. Had the two dropped their pseudo names and we would probably be referring to them by their initials –
TAM for MO1 and KOS for Saitoti

Below are more politicians' names with the pseudo/colonial names in brackets. These
are people we identify with everyday in the newspaper, TV and /or radio. See how gorgeous their names are without the wacky pseudo names in brackets.

[Arthur Moody] Mudeyi Awori
[Sylvester] Wakoli Bafwoli
[Nicholas] Kipyator Kiprono arap Biwott
[Davis] Nakitare
[Francis] Nyamu Kagwima
[Gerald G.] Otieno Kajwang'
Katoo ole Metito
Maina Kamanda
[James] Njenga Karume
[Peter Kenneth] **** None
[Stephen] Kalonzo Musyoka
[William] Samoei arap Ruto
[Noah] Mahalang'anga Wekesa etc..

Fellow Africans, drop that pseudo/colonial name that illegally and unsightly precedes your African name. Also pass the word around about how sweet, charming and beautiful the names of our forefathers are. It is up to each one of us that gets this message to keep the "Drop-Your-Pseudo- Name-Movement." alive by taking these two actions.
1. Drop your pseudo name and for all those that you have rights to e.g. your children &
2. Pass the word convincingly and persuasively around by all means necessary such as verbally, email, radio, print media, letters to the editor and any other creative means.

That is my dream. Aluta Continua!

KANU's 7.1 billion, NARC's 56 billion Scandals; What Next?

Goldenberg and Anglo-Fleecing; what are we Kenyans doing about it? It is sad where the past and current crop of Kenyan leaders have and are taking Kenya with these scandals. KANU had the Goldenberg Scandal of Ksh 7.1 billion among other issues. The KANU regime will be remembered for bearing the mother of scandals - The Goldenberg. Even worse still is this narcissistic NARC [or NARC-K] government attempting to perfect the act of stealing from the wananchi by getting caught in the 56 billion Anglo-fleecing scandal.

How convenient for the leaders of the day that no single person has been successfully convicted for those alleged crimes; All has come to naught. What Kenya ends with, are purported crimes and suspects but not convicted criminals. Suspects freely running the government like nothing has happened, and other suspects unashamedly using stolen money campaigning to form the next government.

If nothing is done by Kenyans, Kenyans will have to decide which of the suspects can make better leaders, rather than which of the leaders can have the suspects pay for their crimes against the wananchi.

The integrity of the August House has been shattered. It needs to be restored with men of integrity. Can Kenyans do better that this? Definitely.

If you are patriotic Kenyan and love Africa, wake up and do something. Patriotic Kenyans need to determine the destiny of the beloved homeland of Kenya and motherland Africa.

If you are a person of integrity, do not only stand up to vote, stand and be voted as one of the many captains of MV Kenya so that people of integrity can steer MV Kenya to the seas of calm waters, to the sea of prosperity for all, to the seas of justice for all, to the seas that we will be proud of, to the seas of no-more scandals, to the seas that the next generation will be proud of those that came before them. If you cannot captain the ship, there are many other tasks that need to be performed in MV Kenya, so pick a job and perform your justly duty to the best of your ability, so that MV Kenya does not sink any further.

Kenyans do not want to read about any more scandals, scandals with imaginary participants resulting in no criminal convictions.

Kenyans need to act, and the time to act is now!

Save Africa, Save Kenya.